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Rockaway’s First Unity Fest

Rockaway’s First Unity Fest! On Saturday, August 1, 2020, Rockaway held its first Unity Fest, an all-day event to bring people together. The turnout at the fest was more than expected. It was a sunny weekend and the event combined good food, live music, poetry and featured local vendors, influencers and amazing sponsors! We were […]

Mask On!

Color The World & Rep The Town! Yes, these masks are available in a spectrum of colors. They’re great for completing your Far Rock ensemble, too! Double-stitched all-cotton face mask, available in a variety of jersey colors, printed with Far Rock logo in white, featuring an embroidered ‘A’ patch. Also available with a big ‘A’ […]

Rockaway’s Craftiest

Rockaway’s Craftiest: Far Rock Shop Represents! From Rockaway Times: In this Rockaway Times series, we spotlight the eclectic band of crafty artists living on the peninsula. These individuals stand out, not just because of their creativity and undisputable talent, but the oxygen fueling the passion behind their work—living and breathing in Rockaway. We hope this […]

Underground Entrepreneurs: Innovative Business In Far Rock

Rockaway’s underground entrepreneurs: business owners with the skills and vision to adapt an idea to uncommon challenges! The Rockaway Advocate went out and investigated unconventional small business practices in Rockaway — people who don’t need a storefront or a standard working environment to build and sustain a successful business. These are Rockaway’s underground entrepreneurs: business […]

Hometown Queen choreographs in style!

Hometown Queen @skyp__ Choreographs a Dance Presentation at her college (Hunter College). Reppin the Rock, while paying homage to the music of #stackbundles and #chinxdrugz…. His Legacy, Our History ….Thus the impact and influence, on display! Hometown Salute with a tribute thru dance….